<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Matisse﹐ Aragon﹐ Prokofiev

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出版者:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>
集叢名:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>The great artists collection
標題:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Arts ; Artists
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版本:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>PC version.;[S.l.] :;sold exclusively by Turner Home Entertainment﹐;c1995.;1 computer laser optical disc :;sd.﹐ Col. ;4 3/4 in. +
附註:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Disc characteristics: CD-ROM.
<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Step into a world of everlasting beauty with immortal works of hope and spirit. Now, for the first time, the brilliance and innovations of three gifted artists are integrated in magnificent combinations of art, poetry and music. Explore themes, encnouters and works which reveal the compelling events that shaped these artists、 lives and inspired thier masterpieces
索書號:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>(DO) NX260 M37z 1995
條碼:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>1931483
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