<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Masterpiece mansion.

出版日期:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>
其他著者:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Labyrinth Media Inc.
出版者:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>
集叢名:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>
標題:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Art appreciation.;Art;Computer games.
關鍵字:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>
版本:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Win/Mac CD-ROM.;Los Angeles﹐ CA :;Labyrinth Media﹐;c1995.;1 computer laser optical disc
附註:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Title from disk.;Art period explorer : Greek and Roman (the ancients) ; the Renaissance ; Dutch Realism ; Impressionism ; & 20th century Art -- Biography explorer : 46 artists included.
<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>The Mansion houses a unique collection of artwork spanning many periods of art history. Using the Biography and Art period explorers, you、ll solve a variety of challenging puzzles to find the escape route out of the mansion
索書號:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>(DO) NX643 M37z 1995
條碼:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>1931485
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