<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>The First emperor of China

出版日期:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>
其他著者:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Project Emperor-1.;Voyager Company.
出版者:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>
集叢名:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>
標題:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Ch‘in Shih-huang;Emperor of China﹐;China;Art﹐ Chinese;China;Archaeology
關鍵字:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>
版本:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Macintosh Windows.;New York :;Voyager﹐;c1994.;1 computer laser optical disc :;sd.﹐ col.
附註:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>"Chinese and English soundtrack.;Title from disk label.;CD-ROM is a modified version of the videodisc﹐ originally produced in 1985.;Project Emperor-1 director: Ching-chih Chen; software design: Voyager Company.;""CV04701-C1.4"";""CFIRSTH/894 ... CDRM1214190."""
<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>Presents the treasures of the tomb complex of Qin Shi Huang Di, the First Emperor of China, with original film footage of the first days of the excavation, a tour through the Qin Museum of Warriors and Horses, aerial motion photography of the Great Wall, bilingual Chinese-English commentary by the head of the excavation team and other scholars
索書號:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>(DO) DS747.5 F58z 1994
條碼:<div style="display:none">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>1931493
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